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I am multi-skilled live sound designer, mixer and engineer.  Starting in 1995 I became a casual backstage sound engineer in London's West End theatre industry.  Over the following years I learnt the art of live theatre sound mixing and achieved the position of No.1 (HOD) sound mixer opening new, large scale musicals.

In 2004 a hiatus in theatre to pursue a life long ambition of mixing live music ensued and over the next decade I was fortunate enough to be employed by several international acts and artists to mix 'Front of House' for them. 

After returning to theatre in 2008 I mixed my final few musicals, before moving over to the creative side of theatre sound.  First becoming an 'Associate Sound Designer' to several high profile Sound Designers and then making the move into Sound Design of my own.

Now predominately a successful theatre Sound Designer who enjoys the odd hands on dabble in mixing, recording and production work too.

Tom Marshall

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